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Wulf Ehrhardt - Air Traffic Consulting

Wulf has retired from the German Luftwaffe after 32 years in military air traffic control. His last position was as Commanding Officer of a military ATC unit. Part of that unit was a centre responsible for the coordination of civil with military traffic requirements for the whole airspace of the Federal Republic of Germany, the first one of its kind in Europe.

Before that, he was the Senior Operations Officer and responsible for military ATC in the Maastricht UAC and the Düsseldorf ACC.

His background is a typical operational one, since he worked in all levels of ATC from Radar controller, supervisor, instructor, and HQ duties in the Communications and Electronics Command of the German Air Force. Besides that, he was also a flying instructor.

After retirement he founded a consultancy for air traffic projects and has worked, amongst other customers, for the German ATS provider DFS, Eurocontrol, the EC, and Lufthansa, German Airlines.


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