The seventh annual ATN Conference took place at the IEE London, 20th and 21st September 2005. Papers were presented by key players in current and emerging datalink activity from around the world. No other conference focused so squarely on ATC datalink, and no other conference covers policy, technical and practical implementation issues.

A CD-ROM containing all presentations and a full audio recording of the proceedings is now available.

A delegate-only exhibition ran in parallel to the conference, giving delegates the chance to make useful industry contacts at every refreshment break. An optional Pre-Conference Tutorial for newcomers to the field took place on Monday 19th September.

The focus this year … 2005 is a particularly important year for CPDLC. The European Implementing Rule for CPDLC has been agreed by the Single Sky Committee and Eurocontrol is now drafting the detailed rule subject to final approval later this year. It will soon become mandatory. The focus is now on making sure that the products are ready for airlines and the European ANSPs are ready to deliver CPDLC services.

This year's conference had papers from Europe, North America and the Far East on datalink developments. In the European case, these focus specifically on delivering LINK2000+ systems. Our keynote speech is from the IAA, an ANSP that is both a LINK2000 Pioneer and has an Oceanic responsibility. On the airside, there are new generation aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus and these come already equipped for datalink operation. A second avionics vendor - Honeywell -is now also delivering LINK2000+ avionics, and we hear from them too.

At this year's conference Boeing announced the Dual Stack Datalink support for the new Boeing 787, supporting both FANS-1 and ATN/CPDLC. The first time an aircraft has been configured this way and a major step on the road to convergence. This step was explicitly welcomed from the conference floor by leading ANSPs.

As more operational experience is gained with VDL2, the conference also looked at VDL2 performance and the plans for moving to multi-frequency operations. However, while VDL2 is adequate for now, something better is needed in the future and Eurocontrol and the FAA are already looking at "Future Communications" for the 2015 to 2020 timeframe.

The conference was attended by Air traffic controllers, pilots, ground system ATC engineers, avionics engineers, policy and decision makers, aircraft manufacturers, safety regulators and senior representatives from ATC service providers around the world.

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