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Agenda - Day Two

The Benefits of SWIMware! Or practical applications of System Wide Information Management

 09:00:00 The Benefits of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) at Airports
Martin Hawley,

The presentation will describe what Airport CDM is and how benefits arise from sharing information between various airport partners. It will cover the different types of benefit and order of magnitude estimates. The presentation will mainly focus on early-stage CDM concepts but will refer to more advanced concepts.


 09:30:00 Forward to Network Enabled Capacity
Michael Schnell,
Phil Platt,

The greater sharing of data amongst military users is being explored through network enabling concepts. These are expected to improve efficiency and better decision making. The first part of this presentation will give an overview of the concepts and benefits. The second part introduces the upcoming EC project NEWSKY - Networking the Sky for aeronautical communications. Within this project, network enabling concepts are applied to develop a global heterogeneous airborne network for future ATM communications. Different communication technologies as well as different application classes are integratged in this global network to considerably improve information sharing between aircraft and controllers.


 10:00:00 Flight Data Interoperability Concept for Europe
Andrew Hill,

EUROCONTROL has developed the Flight Object Concept in order to make use of modern technology to resolve some of the interoperability problems currently existing in today's flight data processing systems owned by Air Navigation Services Providers, Airports, Aircraft Operators, Military Units and the Central Flow Management Unit. This paper will present the current status of the development, the expected benefits, the next steps, and the proposals which are being made to ICAO for the Flight Object to be the basis of a global interoperability standard.


 10:30:00 Break

Innovative Solutions without International Standardisation

 11:00:00 The End of the Pre-Flight Briefing Room
Ken Crowhurst,


 11:30:00 Gatelink - Data Comms and the Electronic Flight Bag
Dick Parnall, European Operations Manager
Avionica, Inc.

Case study information about specific airline operators will be presented concerning the Avionica secureLINK gatelink system. The transfer of data to and from the aircraft in respect of Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Electronic Flight Bags will be discussed - together with the system development into cabin wireless and satLINK.


 12:00:00 GSM on Aircraft
David Coiley, Director, Marketing and Strategic Relationships
AeroMobile Ltd


 12:30:00 Using ACARS for Trajectory Agreement
Lars Lindberg,

This presentation describes the 4DT ATM Concept and the initial operational evaluation - validation of the 4DT operational concept using ACARS.


 13:00:00 Lunch

Future ATC Communications

 14:00:00 Migrating FANS to IP
Dung Nguyen,

The presentation will discuss the need for broadband IP link and the steps and strategy for migrating the existing FANS and ATC ATS applications to high performance broadband IP networks. The conditions, requirements and key steps for broadband IP to emerge as an ATS datalink network in support of existing ATS applications will also be discussed.


 14:30:00 Enabling ATM Systems Access to Datalink Services
Patrick Geurts,

In Europe, some ANSPs have taken the initiative to implement ATS datalink services, either motivated by the need to increase their control capacities and enhance the quality and efficiency of their services, or encouraged through implementation programse such as Link2000+. However, there are factors that may make it difficult for some ANSPs to implement such ATS datalink services in a cost effective and timely manner. Solutions do exist to facilitate such implementations, based on experience and lessons learned, enabling ANSPs to smoothly introduce datalink capability into their core ATM infrastructure.


 15:00:00 Technology Round-Up
Tony Whyman, Director
Helios Information Services Ltd


 15:30:00 Close of Conference

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